SSSC registration fees will increase on 1 September 2017

SSSC LogoWe will send you an invoice at least one month before your annual or renewal fee is due.

If your fee is due up to 31 August you’ll pay the current fee. If your fee is due after 1 September 2017 the new fees will apply. The table below shows the fees for all parts of the Register. The fees for managers, supervisors, practitioners and support workers are for workers in children’s and adult’s services unless otherwise stated.

Current fee

New fees from 1 September 2017

All managers, social workers and Care Inspectorate Inspectors



All supervisors and practitioners



Residential child care workers and supervisors



School care accommodation workers and supervisors



All support workers



Social work students



Liz Scott
Family Resource Co-Ordinator

01463 702 740
07879 264 430

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