Pre-School Home Visiting Teacher News!

PSHVT 2Last month, the Pre-School Home Visiting Teacher (PSHVT) team from Highland hosted the 24th Annual Conference for the Scottish Association of Pre-School Home Visiting Teachers. The event venue was the Perth Concert Hall which was an ideal and central location for everyone to meet from across Scotland and the islands.

This year’s theme was “Building Resilience Together”. Keynote speakers, Bernadette Cairns and James Mctaggart delivered on the topics of “Building Resilience in Teams” and “ACE-Aware and Building Resilience” respectively.  Throughout the day the theme of looking after our own wellbeing as practitioners was nourished with feel good activities delivered by Steve from Drumfun, who also delivered a talk on how to create a safe and nurturing environment using music and rhythm to promote relationships, confidence and communication.

The Highland PSHVT team gave all members of the association a “bag full of wellbeing” which included a keying full of self-regulation ideas suitable to use with children and practitioners alike.  Ask your local PSHVT for a copy and for more information on self-regulation for children with ASN.

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