A new self-evaluation tool from Care Inspectorate: A quality framework for support services (not care at home)

Use the link to download and find out more about A quality framework for support services (not care at home). For use in self-evaluation, scrutiny and improvement support. October 2019

“The primary purpose of a quality framework
is to support services to evaluate their own performance. The same framework is then used
by inspectors to provide independent assurance about the quality of care and support. By setting out what we expect to see in high-quality care and support provision, we can also help support improvement. Using a framework in this way develops a shared understanding of what constitutes good care and support.”

“How will this quality framework be used on inspections?
The quality framework will be used by inspectors in place of the older approach of ‘inspecting against themes and statements’. Inspectors will look at a selection of the quality indicators. Which and how many quality indicators will depend on the type of inspection, the quality of the service, the intelligence we hold about the service, and risk factors that we may identify, but it is likely that we will always inspect Quality Indicators 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 as well as 5.1. We will use the quality illustrations, which are based on the Health and Social Care Standards, in our professional evaluations about the care and support we see.”

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