New : Improving children and young people’s understanding of their wellbeing. A resource for teachers and practitioners working with children and young people

The resource is intended to support teachers and practitioners to explore wellbeing
and complements existing Getting it right for every child information. It is also relevant with regards to Curriculum for Excellence’s focus on health and wellbeing.”

Why is this resource needed?
The resource provides a wide range of
activities, practical materials and links to books and additional external resources for teachers and practitioners to support the wellbeing
needs of children and young people from Early to Third level.

It aims:
• To form a central hub for wellbeing
• To promote easy and open access to
practical tools and information
• To reduce time locating materials and producing materials
• To complement existing resources and approaches
It is also designed to support the
implementation of the United Nations
Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), in recognition that children and young people’s rights are central to their wellbeing.”

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