Developing the Learning Environment in Acharacle Gaelic and English Nurseries


After attending Quality Learning Environment training in June, Acharacle Gaelic and English nurseries have been thinking of small ways to enrich their learning environment to provide more depth in children’s play and learning. They started with the ‘home corner’ using the core provision guide to help audit what was in place already.

They then sent a letter to families to ask for donations for items they needed and received many items which they have put to good use in their new and improved home corner. These include:

*Real cups, saucers, cutlery etc
The children take great care, promoting a sense of responsibility, when using these resources as they know they are more fragile than plastic.

*Weighing scales
Allowing children to measure and explore mathematical concepts and vocabulary related to this.

*Loose parts such as pine cones and small stones
When the pine cones first arrived the children asked ‘what are these for?’ Staff shared with the children they could be used for anything, including cooking.  Staff then posed the open question ‘I wonder what we could cook?’ Children’s responses were varied and more diverse compared to when plastic food was being used. A plastic pear is a plastic pear whereas the pine cones were meatballs, spaghetti, soup and chocolate cakes. The children’s creativity and imagination was stimulated more by this one open ended resource.

*Various real objects such as pots, pans and bowls
Giving the children more opportunities to empty, fill, transport and create during play.

*Empty food package containers and recipe books
Giving children access to more environmental print.

*The staff also added chalk recipe boards, chalk, clipboards with paper and other mark making materials.

The children’s engagement in this area increased dramatically when the new resources were added.

All nursery staff are continuing to reflect and develop the space. Well done Gwen MacPhee EYP and the team at Acharacle, great reflective thinking. 👍😊

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