Update on Developmental Overviews and Transition to Primary 1

Developmental Overviews and transition to P1

In the current working situation, many settings and staff have questions about transition arrangements for children due to begin school in August.  A working group  is looking at issues around transition into P1 next session and detailed advice will be proposed in due course. In normal years, settings are asked to pass on completed 4-year-old Developmental Overviews to P1 teachers to give an initial sense of children’s developmental strengths and gaps.  There are obvious difficulties with this in the present situation, so settings should simply pass on whatever they have when the time comes.  In addition, the usual annual central collation of Overviews will not take place to reduce burdens on staff and also because the data will not be comparable to previous years.

 Some settings are using 3- and 4-year-old Developmental Overviews collaboratively with parents to support home learning, for example inviting photos as evidence of learning and development.  This can be very helpful for families to see development happening, and for settings to evaluate input, as long as it is voluntary, takes account of family situations and does not involve target setting, place undue burdens or stress on families or divert them from learning through child-led play. There is no expectation that all children should be “all green” or that specific activities be developed.  Other light touch methods of tracking progress are also good practice, such as inviting sharing of experiences through digital classrooms or other means.

 Realising the Ambition

Education Scotland released this long awaited new practice guidance in the Spring.  It covers learning from birth through to the end of Early Level, and had significant input from Highland practitioners and partners at different stages.  The new guidance represents a step change in practice that will be very helpful for settings in making improvements in quality and smoothing transitions from nursery into P1.  Elements are already incorporated in the refreshed online CPL materials on this blog. 

 The plan had been to roll out the new guidance collaboratively across Highland using workshops to support local interpretations and implementation – this was interrupted by the present crisis.  The EYESO team are working on ways to take this forward using digital means over the next few weeks and opportunities for training, reflection and discussion will be offered soon through google classroom and other means for managers and practitioners.

 Headteachers, setting managers or practitioners who have ideas about how the rollout could proceed, or the priorities it should address are welcome to get in touch either with their local EYESO or with Annika Jansson.

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