Words Up Wednesdays!

Words Up LogoFor the next 6 weeks the Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) team are hosting an exciting weekly opportunity to focus on one of the Words Up key messages. You’ll be able to watch a short video presentation online and have the chance to reflect and discuss with members of the SLT team live online afterwards.

This week’s key message is Pause and Wait. Please watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYsoBf8OAVw&feature=youtu.be) sometime prior to joining the live Q & A session.

Possible aspects to consider are:
• Can you think about when this key message might be difficult?
• Are there areas of the setting/ curriculum that would be easier or more difficult to use this key message in?
• Are there any barriers to putting it in place?
• Are there any children this might not work for/ be more difficult with?
• How does this link to Realising the Ambition?

We hope lots of you will join this afternoon to share your thoughts and ask the SLT team any of your questions relating to the video or from your own experience of applying the key messages in practice within your setting or with your own children.

The Q & A session is on today, Wednesday 27th May, 1.30pm – 2.15pm

Please click on the link to join the Q & A session.   https://meet.google.com/rue-rsfq-oij
Please ensure you access this via Google Chrome.

5 thoughts on “Words Up Wednesdays!

    1. Hi there, if you have any more issues getting connected please contact your link EYESO for support! Thank you.


  1. Good morning,

    I had multiple staff wishing to attend Words Up Wednesday on 27/05/2020. They followed all the correct processes to attending this, including using the correct web browser. However, they were partly there but needed ‘accepted’ in to the meeting which did not happen, resulting in many of our staff being unable to attend.

    I wanted to highlight these IT issues with yourselves to ensure everything is in place so hopefully all staff can benefit from the training available as of next week.

    It would be really beneficial if you could let me know if the issue has been resolved so i could pass this on to my staff and reassure them to try again.

    Many thanks,

    Holly Bannerman

    Holly Bannerman Service Coordinator 07831735169

    My normal working hours may vary from Mon – Fri 9-5

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