Additional Realising the Ambition Sessions

The following sessions are being offered next week in response to requests for additional opportunities to access recent Realising the Ambition events. These are for those who were unable to access the previous sessions due to high demand. Please note that the 60-minute briefing is offered twice on Thursday. Your manager will be able to provide links to these sessions.RtA

Wednesday 10th June 9.30am – 10.00am
Realising the Ambition Bitesize 1: Learning Environment: interactions, experiences and spaces.

This session features a presentation followed by a chance to ask questions and share ideas. It is aimed at all those working across the Early Level, including EYPs, P1 staff, HTs, managers, childminders and support workers.


Thursday 11th June 10.30am – 11.30 am and 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Realising the Ambition 60-minute briefing

Realising the Ambition is the new practice guidance for Early Level from the Scottish Government.  It calls for a step change in the quality of learning in both ELC and school, while also making this practical and even enjoyable.  Staff and child wellbeing are at the heart of the document, making it very fit for our current times.

The hour-long session is mainly for Head Teachers, setting managers, Early Years Practitioners, P1 teachers and support workers.  It may also be of interest to other education staff who are also welcome.

We will highlight the main innovations in Realising the Ambition and reflect together on its challenges and opportunities and how they can help us in the covid-19 reality.

A digital copy of Realising the Ambition can be found on the National Improvement Hub or by clicking HERE

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