Kinmylies Primary and ELC Online Learning


Kinmylies Primary & ELC Online Learning

Our School Is Closed But We Are Still Together” has been the motto for Kinmylies Primary and ELC since settings closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Kinmylies have been offering a wide range of opportunities to their children and families which you can read about  in this document. Kinmylies ELC Online Learning

Thanks to Kinmylies for sharing their practice with us which includes:

Online Bookbug

One of the Kinmylies practitioners is a Bookbug Leader and has been offering sessions via the setting Facebook page.

“The sessions last about half an hour and are based around songs, rhymes and a story. Offering the live sessions means our children can participate in real time and parents can leave comments on the video with their child’s song or rhyme requests. While libraries are closed this vital opportunity we can offer our children is incredibly important.”

Fantastic Parent feedback On The Nursery Facebook Page:

“Seeing a friendly face from my child’s teacher on the Facebook page has helped to keep us going “

“Thank you – The bookbug session is so helpful as the kids are both equally interested and entertained, and they don’t realise they’re learning at the same time.”

“Thanks again for all the continuous input and support”. 💓🌈

Where can you find online Bookbug sessions?

Kinmylies explain that children and their families can access an online Bookbug session five days per week between their very own sessions and via High Life Highland libraries. They have shared the following links to other online Bookbug sessions within Highland and beyond which you may want to share with families in your own setting:

Bookbug sessions by High life Highland Libraries are being delivered via Dingwall community library Facebook page on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 11am

Bookbug Facebook sessions by the Scottish book trust are at 10am on Fridays

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