Early Level Maths Training

A great opportunity to attend 3 maths sessions aimed at practitioners working with children in the Early Level – EYPs, teachers in the Early Years, Childcare Managers and PSAs. Your manager will be able to provide links to these sessions.

Please note that the first session is TODAY!

Real World Use of Maths (EARLY LEVEL)

Date: 22.06.20
Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm


  • Raise awareness of just how much maths goes on in everyday life!
  • Reflect on how we can notice and extend this learning for children.
  • Consider how using maths in everyday life can be a focus for engaging with families.
  • Recognise how much more there is to maths than purely focussing on numbers and deliberately planned activities.
  • Identify an aspect of your practice you would like to develop/improve.


Spatial Awareness (EARLY LEVEL)

Date: 25.06.20
TIme: 2.00 pm- 3.00pm


  • Raise awareness around spatial awareness, spatial ability, spatial reasoning, spatial  relationships & spatial understanding.
  • Consider how spatial awareness supports flexible thinking in maths.
  • Improve confidence to recognise and identify activities that can support the development of spatial awareness and the concepts involved.
  • Identify an aspect of your practice you would like to develop.


Curiosity, Creativity and Confidence (EARLY LEVEL)

Date: 29.06.20
TIme: 2.00pm – 3.00pm


  • Develop practitioner confidence to explore open-ended enquiry and encourage children to lead their own learning.
  • Practitioner confidence to support children to make and test predictions and develop understanding of concepts.
  • Identify an aspect of practice to develop.
  • Recognise the links between positive relationships and children’s confidencecuriosity and creativity within maths.

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