Recordings of Previous Online Training Sessions

We continue to post recordings of previous online training sessions in the Highland Digital School Hub at Recordings Of Training Sessions.

Those listed below are currently included, with further session recordings being added as soon as they become available :-

Realising the Ambition Rollout

Realising The Ambition – 60min Session (part recording which will be updated when available)

RtA Bitesize 1 – Environments: Interactions, Experiences and Spaces

RtA Bitesize 2 – Responsive and Intentional Learning

RtA Bitesize 3 – Family Learning  

Realising The Ambition – Childminder Event

Words Up Wednesday

Words Up Wednesday – Face To Face

Words Up Wednesday – Quiet Time to Talk

Numeracy Sessions

Language of Maths

An Introduction to Multiplication and Division

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