Going on a Bear Hunt at Newtonmore Nursery

Over the last couple of months staff at Newtonmore Nursery have been using Google Meet to connect children, families and staff to support play, learning and transition.  They host regular story meets with a book focus for the week.  Early Years Practitioners, Fiona Johnstone and Caroline MacDougall,  describe more about their latest book focus below.

As part of our last story meet we read Going on a Bear Hunt for a week. The children took part in experiences related to the story.  They made binoculars, bear caves and dens,  created their own stories and joined in with our “live” Going on a Bear Hunt video session.

There were many positive comments from children and parents which included:
• ‘She loved it thank you very much’
• ‘He was buzzing when he came off the meet’
• ‘She is now re-telling the story on her own’
• ‘He recreated the bear hunt in the chicken run’
• ‘I made my own Bear Hunt story now’
• ‘They loved to make up the story book’
• ‘He has been using them in the garden to look for bears’

Realising the Ambition highlights the importance for children to be in nature and use all of their senses to experience the world.  It also emphasises  the importance for children to access opportunities to develop their confidence, creativity and curiosity.  Through the book focus week the children were able to connect with nature through the virtual bear hunt outdoors as well as practice and develop new skills such as re-telling a favourite story, mark make, create texts and of course have lots of fun!

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