Get Ready For Words Up Wednesday!

 Wednesday  1st July, 1.30pm – 2.15pm    Words Up Logo

This week’s key message is Copy and Add.

The is the sixth and last of our weekly opportunities to reflect on and discuss a Words Up key message with members of the SLT team. We hope many of you will join to share your thoughts and ask the SLT team any questions you may have arising from the video or from your own experience of applying Copy and Add  within your setting or with your own children. Please watch the Copy and Add video sometime prior to joining the live Q & A session.

Possible aspects to consider are:
• Can you think about when this key message might be difficult?
• Are there areas of the setting/ curriculum that would be easier or more difficult to use this key message in?
• Are there any barriers to putting it in place?
• Are there any children this might not work for/ be more difficult with?
• How does this link to Realising the Ambition?

Your manager will be able to provide the link to this session which is the same as previous Words Up Wednesday sessions.

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