Up date from the Care Inspectorate

Operating an early learning and childcare setting (including out of school care and childminders) during COVID-19

The Care Inspectorate  “have developed ‘Key Question 5’, a self-evaluation resource and tool which asks you to evaluate how well you are supporting children and families during COVID-19. The aim of this resource is to enable settings to gather information and continually evaluate their progress in supporting staff, children and families to have confidence in the provision of ELC by specifically evidencing how they have implemented the national guidance for COVID-19, while ensuring positive outcomes for children. 

We encourage you to complete the ‘self-evaluation toolInspectors will request the completed self-evaluation from providers on a risk and sampling basis.  Please do not send this to us until requested.  This will not be before 10 August 2020.  However, we may undertake other scrutiny activities in settings before this date. Read more about this here.

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