What Scotland Learned: Lundavra Primary Nursery

In the second of our celebrations of the 6 Highland Early Years stories which were selected by Education Scotland for the What Scotland Learned 100 stories of lockdown book and What Scotland Learned we highlight Lundavara Primary Nursery.

On a typical day, pre Covid-19, the Lundavra Primary Nursery practitioners would engage with families in the setting and provide a lot of support, including advice around any concerns families have, signposting to relevant professionals and general, supportive conversations.  When the first lockdown was announced the team recognised the need to continue their communication and supportive relationships with their families in creative ways which they would respond and engage with.

What was the impact of the approach they took?

“We found that having this regular contact with families away from the nursery setting helped us to break down barriers. We felt that families were more open and honest in their interactions with us and were extremely willing to ‘have a go’ at some of the suggested activities, whereas if they had received an activity grid home on paper it may have been overlooked.”

“The difference our Facebook page made was evident in the conversations we had with our families with many commenting on how often they use the page as a tool to talk to their child about their friends and teachers.”

Find out how they used creative methods of communication to engage with families at Lundavra Nursery.

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