Raigmore ELC – Lockdown Learning

When we went into the first lockdown, we ensured that all ELC staff and children were able to get online and access Google Classroom.  Once the staff and children were online our ELC classroom went from strength to strength, that was down to the huge amount of work the EYPs put into the classroom and the engagement from our ELC children and families.

When we returned to the ELC setting we continued to use the Google Classroom as a way of communicating with our families.  We shared photos, plans for the week ahead, the children’s interests and how these were being developed in the ELC setting and general information that the parents needed to know.  All the EYPs and ELC Clerical were on hand to support any families struggling with getting onto the classroom and ensuring all families had access to it when they started at Raigmore ELC.

As the ELC staff had continued to share information on the classroom, even when we were in the ELC building, it meant that going online was not a brand-new concept to our families during the second lockdown.

Since the new term began our EYPs have been doing a daily post focusing on the children’s interests at the time.  They gauge the interest from the engagement they get through the classroom.  With these daily posts come links to different songs, activities and websites such as bumps2bairns.com and a weekly grid of activities for the children and their families to dip in and out of.  Sharing of activities through photos is greatly encouraged and our families are fantastic at keeping us up to date with what they are doing at home.  The EYPs have been linking up what the children at home are doing with what the children in the ELC setting are doing so that they all still feel connected.  The EYPs take turns to complete the daily post and meet regularly together to discuss the planning and how they will move forward.

The top photo shows an example of a daily post the EYPs do. The photo above is of the display in the ELC setting linking the children online with the children in the ELC setting. The photograph below shows an example of a weekly grid.

The EYPs have regular google meets with the ELC children and rotate which EYP is on the meet so that the children can see all the EYPs at different times in the week.  During these meets, the staff may read a story, do some songs or rhymes and a general check-in with the children. The engagement with this has been super and has helped the children at home continue to feel part of Raigmore ELC.  The ELC children that are in the ELC setting continue to link up with the online classroom by engaging in the same activities the children at home are doing and also by joining Miss Macaulay’s (HT) Celebration Assembly on a Friday where there are shout outs to children in the ELC and school.

Each EYP also has an individual classroom which their key children are able to access.  This is where families can have more private contact with their child’s EYP if needs be.  The EYPs have also taken it upon themselves to arrange some individual google meets with their key children if they feel this is necessary.

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