ELC – P1 Transition at Raigmore Primary 2021

At Raigmore Primary School we pride ourselves on starting transition into Primary 1 as soon as the children start the last year in the ELC. 

During the first lockdown transition has not been the same but in no way has it been any less.  The infant staff excelled in ensuring that our new P1s did not miss out.  A transition google classroom was created and all children enroled in Raigmore were invited to join.  Opportunities were given to encourage independence and the sharing of photos was suggested. 

Our engagement from the families was fantastic and the Early Years  staff regularly met with the new P1s to ensure they got to know them.  When school started back in August, we had EYPs from our own ELC work in the P1 classrooms so as there was continuity and familiarity for our new P1s.  It was a great success. To find out more click here.

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