Realising the Ambition at Kinlochewe and Shieldaig Primary Schools

At Kinlochewe and Shieldaig Primary Schools we have been reflecting on the ‘Realising the Ambition’ guidance, resources and training and have been thinking about what this means for children in our settings. Teachers have attended training in how to effectively enhance how they use play – reflecting on what this means for our P1-7 settings. To support this work we have collated a padlet of useful research, training, self evaluation tools and resources which practitioners in the nurseries and schools are using to support this development. The padlet is structured in such a way as to support the centre’s self evaluation for school improvement process. Here is our padlet if you would like to take a look:

We have many good examples of how we already implement the guidance but wanted to look again at our transition from nursery in P1.  The padlet is aimed at supporting practitioners to reflect on current practice, engage in self evaluation activity, and further enhance and embed play pedagogy in P1 and beyond.

A lot of research was carried out beforehand to ensure that the most suitable materials were selected. We looked at the padlet produced by practitioners in Highland Council previously during their discussions and meetings, a lot of the Education Scotland materials and Play Scotland materials. Mrs Sarah Taylor also used her time during which she was shielding to attend training events, research further, and engage with colleagues in other authorities to understand how they are approaching this work.

This is an ongoing project and the full impact will not be seen until next academic session. We anticipate that this work will support the transition of children from nursery into P1, the health and wellbeing of children across the school and also promote further engagement in learning.

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