Quick reminder to all settings that if you have or will be recruiting new staff it is essential that you are using the National Induction Resource with them.

It is a requirement of the National Standard that this is used with new staff including managers/lead practitioners, practitioners and support workers.

Sub-criteria 1.5 – Staff new to delivering funded ELC within the last year are familiar with the content of the most up-to-date version of the national
induction resource.

It is vital that they are all properly inducted into their new roles and supported in their practice. To ensure that children continue to experience high quality care and support.

The new national induction resource has been created for all staff who are new to delivering ELC to ensure that they are well supported in developing the skills and understanding they need in their role. New staff working in ELC will need to ensure they are familiar with this resource to meet this criteria.

The national induction resource can be accessed here.

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