Inspection during COVID-19 – Care Inspectorate Update

Inspection during COVID-19 – Care Inspectorate

The normal Care Inspectorate inspection programme was suspended in March 2020 in response to Scottish Government national restrictions put in place to help suppress the spread of Covid-19.

During the autumn and winter they recommenced the inspection programme on a revised basis. Carrying out as much activity as possible remotely, using digital and other means. However, they did respond proportionately to any concerns and continued to make visits to services wherever they judged it was necessary to gain assurance about children’s wellbeing.

They have now revised their inspection priorities for 2021-22 and will be taking into account a number of factors including:

  • intelligence which gives us cause for concern or suggests there are areas requiring further exploration. Intelligence may come from notifications or from a failure to comply with the notification system, and from complaints or relevant information provided by other bodies;
  • inspection history, particularly where the last inspection identified significant areas for improvement and where we now need to assess the extent to which improvements have been made;
  • services which have not been inspected since registration with the Care Inspectorate;
  • inspection frequency timescales.

For all high and medium risk services, they aim to carry out on-site visits to engage in fieldwork, gain assurance about the wellbeing of children and young people and assess how their needs are being met. They will work sensitively with services to ensure this is done safely, in a way which reduces risks for everyone. Inspection feedback will continue to be provided through a virtual meeting.

For all other services, they will continue to carry out as much activity as possible remotely, using digital and other means.

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