Care Inspectorate update to outbreak of infectious disease notification  

From Friday 24 September the ‘Outbreak of infectious disease’ notification will be updated so that providers can select common infectious outbreaks from a list so the Care Inspectorate can better monitor and direct support for care services. If the infectious outbreak is not included in the list, please choose ‘Other’ and record the type of outbreak in the text box provided.  

You must notify them of a suspected or known outbreak of an infection.

An ‘outbreak’ means: the occurrence of two or more, or a higher than expected number of cases of confirmed or suspected infection affecting service users in the same area. 

Cases of suspected infection include people with diarrhoea and / or vomiting, wound / skin infections, or respiratory illnesses such as flu. 

This form should not be used to report suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, please use the specific Covid-19 notifications for these cases. 

A higher than expected number of cases may be a single case if the confirmed or suspected infection is rare or the suspected or confirmed case poses or may pose a significant risk to public health – for example, E. coli 0157, tuberculosis or those described in Appendix A of the Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008, Part 2. 

You must notify Care Inspectorate immediately of a suspected or confirmed outbreak of infection via eForms.