Maths Week Scotland 26th September – 2nd October

Maths Week Scotland is a celebration of the importance of maths in our everyday lives.

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One resource for ELC that can be found on the site is below.

“Scottish Book Trust and the Bookbug programme are supporting Maths Week Scotland with this special plan for a maths and numeracy themed Bookbug Session.
Maths Week Scotland takes place every year during the Autumn term.
Maths Week Scotland is a wonderful way to experience the fun and relevance of the
maths all around us. Established in 2016, the initiative seeks to transform Scotland
into maths-positive nation where we all appreciate the value and importance of
numeracy and maths as well as its vital role in all aspects of our lives.
Parents and family have a huge role to play in early learning and development. Early maths is much more than counting – it’s shapes, measuring, estimating, building and problem solving, spatial awareness and the logical thinking that lays the foundations for developing numeracy and maths skills as education
progresses. Parental and family attitudes to maths can have a significant impact on children’s confidence in the subject so it’s great to be positive about it, and to regard lots of pursuits like spotting patterns, counting things and board games and digital games as a fun way of building understanding.”