New dates for ‘Oh no! 2 year olds in our setting!’

Many ELC settings now have 2 year-olds or are about to have them soon.  If folk are used to working with 3’s and 4’s, it might take a bit of adjustment.  Some people say it’s just the same for any age group, while others might be worried about making sure they are doing the right thing.

This session is all about developmentally appropriate spaces, experiences and interactions for two-year-olds, and what this looks like in practice.  The idea is to have a relaxed hour to discuss any concerns or difficulties and work out solutions.  But also to explore how working with younger children can be fun and rewarding, and draws on the skills that people already have.  We’ll highlight some useful tools, too, and where to go for guidance and inspiration.

Everyone should get some new ideas for their settings, and hopefully feel good about working with 2’s – whether they are already with you or about to arrive soon

NB – Session will NOT be recorded to allow open discussion

For: Early Years Practitioners, and SMT with responsibility for ELC settings

Presenters: Jennie Drummond (EYESO, West) and James McTaggart (Early Years Psychologist)


Tues 22nd November, 3.30-4.30 via


Weds 30th November, 3.30-4.30, via