Recovering Play – Mixing Together

Mixing Together

Playing with my friends and family.

What is it?

It’s the opportunity for children to mix with others, their peers, siblings, buddies and friends – to have fun together and to learn from each other.

Why is it important?

During Covid this was virtually impossible within settings, bubbles were created, and rooms worked independently. Children need the opportunity to interact with each other and learn from them as role models. It allows social interaction skills to develop, encourages sharing and turn taking and creates emotional bonds as well as developing language skills.

How to bring it back

Many settings have been mixing outside but if any of these opportunities have not yet been reinstated now is the time to discuss, in your situation, if this is possible and consider what the best way forward is. Do you have free flow between rooms, if you have more than one room? Can children access other areas in the setting or go on visits around the building?

Sharing with home

Describe any changes to families via your blog, newsletter, noticeboard or any other means of communication and explain why you are making them.

This is one of a weekly series of posts highlighting different spaces, experiences and interactions that practitioners have told us are not all easy to get back after the pandemic restrictions.

It’s all about playing, talking, and having fun together – so we hope they are useful.  If there are any ideas you’d like us to highlight, just get in touch with your link EYESO.

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