Education Scotland Webinar: The Scottish Attainment Challenge and Early Years: Being Prepared.

This webinar is designed to support practitioners working with children in the Early Years, to close the poverty related attainment gap. It will explore effective pedagogy with an equity focus. It will encourage reflection on current practice and consider some of the ways in which practitioners might improve outcomes for children and their families. This session is the third in a series of three. It builds upon the previous webinars: “Being Aware” and “Being Informed”. Click for the Online Booking Link.

A Recording of the first session can be found below.

Click here to access a recorded version of the first live webinar delivered to ELC practitioners “Being Aware”. It provides an overview of the refreshed Scottish Attainment Challenge mission and what this means within the Early Years. This webinar is the first of the three. A recording of the second and third sessions will be added to the NIH in due course.