Recovering Play – It’s mine, or is it?

It’s mine, or is it?

Taking Turns and Sharing

What is it?

It is helping little ones to develop an understanding that there are others around them who have needs, just as they do and  supporting them to learn to work together.

During Covid, there was so much isolation, and working/playing alone, meant less need to share and co-operate.

Why is it important?

As children develop, they need to learn that other people are important and working together is a life skill everyone needs to have. Others have needs too. We can’t always get what we want when we want it.  It links into children’s rights, SHANARRI and the four capacities as well as other areas.

How to bring it back?

Simply encourage children to understand the importance of thismessage, particularly in context as it arises. It is easier for a child to understand a concept by being involved rather than by just being told to do it. It could form part of your nursery charter, if you have one or link to SHANARRI, which may be part of a nursery display or the children’s profiles.

Sharing with home

Remind families how important it is for wee ones to learn to play with others and how to share toys, take turns and wait for their turn. Tell parents about times when their child has done particularly well.

This is one of a weekly series of posts highlighting different spaces, experiences and interactions that practitioners have told us are not all easy to get back after the pandemic restrictions.

It’s all about playing, talking, and having fun together – so we hope they are useful.  If there are any ideas you’d like us to highlight, just get in touch with your link EYESO.

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