Important Information re Special Diet Requests from ELCCs

Message from Catering

We have been receiving a lot of requests for special diets from Nurseries over the past week on downloaded forms.  These can lead to miscommunication within schools with requests getting passed directly to kitchens without the necessary approval process being followed and the relevant special diet menus put in place. We are aware that staff and parents are probably finding the downloadable form on the HC website and using that instead of the proper online application which comes directly to us.  (We have to have the downloadable form available on the website by law.)  

However we do not advise using it for every case because of the confusion within schools already mentioned. Please can you ensure that all your practitioners have the link and instructions below and that they express to parents that this is the foremost method of application.  Some EYPs may be worried that they do not initially have a copy of the application, but you can see in the instructions that once the form has been approved they will receive a copy from us.  –  click on the ‘request a special diet for a pupil’ box, parents can progress without an account.  Complete and submit the form to come to the special diet team to be approved.  The information is then communicated to the catering, EY and education staff as well as the relevant special diet menu sent to parents if needed.

Your cooperation on this will be greatly appreciated and reduce the time it takes to clear up the miscommunications.  We received nearly 100 applications last week alone so any time saved is very welcome.