Family Engagement

Realising the Ambition section 5.4, Leading through learning together with families (p.59-60) considers three main aspects of working with families – parental involvement, parental engagement and family learning.

Realising the Ambition Bitesize 3 – Family Learning can be found here.

The Manager’s Role

As Manager/HT you are responsible for ensuring that strong partnerships are fostered. This means getting to know parents and children, how they are in ELC and how the partnership between the key worker and the families is developing. You should have an overview of partnership working within your setting.

To support this the manager may –

  • work in partnership with families, children, staff, other professionals etc. to create the best start for children in their 3-18 journey (and younger) and develop family learning.
  • develop their own relationships with parents and families and most of all Be Visible alongside the key workers and EYPs who will develop their own partnerships with parents and families too.
  • lead parent workshops, lead the enrolment/induction process, spend time ‘on the floor’, be around at pick up and drop off times, occasionally. This will look different in each setting depending on the nature/size of your setting but you are the key person to create that nurturing environment.
  • foster sensitive greeting and goodbye procedures, that fit the flexible hours and facilitate informal communication with families.
  • provide a calendar and diverse system for families around family engagement – plan this, as you can’t rely on drop-off/pick-up times.
  • revisit the Vision, Values and Aims with families regularly to ensure it reflects the current situation.
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