Intergenerational Partnerships at Lochardil ELC

Lochardil ELC began building an intergenerational partnership with a local care home in October 2018. In order to maintain our great partnership during the pandemic we aimed for the care home to be involved with our current interest in nursery. In the first term of the current session, we focused on a book study on ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We created a box of resources for the care home including, a review and pictures of the learning done within the setting, materials for the residents to create their own Rainbow Fish and a copy of the book for them to read and share their likes/dislikes with the staff. We received positive feedback from the care home staff and the residents proudly displayed their Rainbow Fish in their dining room.

To ensure we keep regular contact with the residents, Lochardil ELC introduced a pen pal initiative in December 2020 where three residents have been paired with three children from the setting. This will be an ongoing project. The first task was to complete an ‘all about me’ sheet to send to each other. One child and her sister were so delighted to be involved that they bought flowers for her pen pal as a Christmas gift. The residents were given individual Christmas decorations made by the children in nursery.

In a recent email the manager said “We are so grateful for your continued interaction with the residents even though the children are at a distance. It is very much appreciated by all.”