Using Floorbooks

‘The Floorbook Approach is an innovative child-led approach to observation, documentation and planning which is now implemented in settings around the world. By listening to children and identifying their interests we can create a unique learning opportunity which excites and interests children.

Floorbooks are blank books where we can record children’s voices and their ideas to use in our planning. Group writing in a Floorbook allows shared thinking as children recall each others ideas and record them through writing, diagrams and photographs. This child centred approach records the evidence of the process of play and the learning that comes from it.’   Claire Warden (Mindstretchers) 

Please click on the tile below to access Highland Council’s training slides on Using Floorbooks in ELC.

If you would like to learn more about using a Floorbook approach to support your planning process then please contact your EYESO for advice.

Inverlochy ELC’s ‘Castles’ Floorbook

Inverlochy ELC use Floorbooks to support their planning process.  Scroll through the pictures and captions below to learn more about the way Inverlochy ELC developed this particular ‘Castles’ Floorbook.