Using the local library to engage parents and develop literacy skills at Millbank Nursery.

A trip to the library at Millbank Nursery.

Usually  the librarians come to us in nursery and deliver the bookbug bags, but this time we decided that we would go to the library ourselves. This was a trip full of learning opportunities for all of us. It was also a chance to involve our parents and build up relationships in a more informal way.

Firstly we had road safety to consider, yellow jackets to be put on (practising independence skills), partners to be found and hands to be held. Everyone helped with looking and listening for cars as we crossed roads and we stayed on the pavement. On the way to the library we passed the shops  – a great opportunity to talk about what they are for, look for environmental print and share our experiences – “I get milk for my bottle there”. There was also lots and lots of excitement over the Christmas decorations in windows. “Santa!” “Presents!” “Snowman!”

The library was a new experience for some, and a familiar place for others. We gathered for a bookbug session with Dawn the libarian. Everyone felt a little shy to begin with but singing voices from both children and adults rose in volume as we settled in! We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to the stories and were excited to receive our Explorer bags to share with our families. The way home was full of chatter as the stories were discussed – “do dogs really fly?” “I can’t see a dog in the sky.”

It was only a small trip, but it was valuable use of time and hopefully promotes a love of stories.