Nurture, care and support

The following information provides guidance on how to identify and support children’s strengths and needs to enable all children to achieve success.

GIRFEC and The Highland Practice Model

Developmental Overviews


                      Being Me! Personal Care Plans

Also see the Care Inspectorate: Guide for providers on personal planning. Early Learning and Childcare. 

Pre-School Form 1

Just Ask – Equiry Helpline

The Just Ask enquiry line is for parents, carers, children, young people, and those who work with them. Follow the link for more information – Just Ask

The Pre-school Home Visiting Teachers (PSHVT), as part of the Highland Council Psychological Service, have made a selection of advice sheets on a number of topics related to Additional Support Needs (ASN). 

EASEYS for ASN  Encourage and Support Early Years Skills for Additional Support Needs

The purpose of the EASEYS is to provide a variety of practical ideas and support strategies for parents/carers and staff supporting children in Early Years. 

PLAY IDEAS is a selection of activity sheets to supplement the main EASEYS for ASN topics.

The purpose of ‘Play Ideas’ is to explore differentiated play, providing a variety of practical games and activities for parents/carers and staff in the Early Years.

Both the EASEYS for ASN and Play Ideas are being added to with new topics so please subscribe the Blog and follow to get regular updates.

EAL Highland provides a variety of resources and strategies for supporting ELC pupils at different stages of their language acquisition. These include Teddy Talk which is a structured programme designed to develop core vocabulary and self-confidence. 

You can also access the EAL Profile here.

Armed Forces – support for families and schools

If you have families in the armed forces a wealth of information can be found here at Armed Forces – support for families and schools. Further training will be available soon specifically aimed at all staff working in or supporting ELC settings there will be a blog post to let you know when this is ready.