“As the complexity of the child’s play develops, learning should be facilitated through a cyclical process of responsive and intentional planning, which includes observations, interpretation and documentation of learning, responsive and intentional planning and facilitation.” RtA p47

Gaelic Medium ELC

Realising the Ambition states that it “should be used with Education Scotland’s advice on Gaelic Medium Education (GME) to ensure that the principles of total immersion are followed. Interactions in Gaelic are a key driver in planning progression in the curriculum for GME.”

For more information on GME see:

Responsive and Intentional Planning

Before engaging with Responsive and Intentional Planning training you should watch the Responsive and Intentional Learning bitesize.

The Responsive and Intentional Planning session explores what Realising the Ambition tells us about Responsive and Intentional Planning and considers:

  • The planning cycle
  • The importance of curriculum and pedagogy in quality settings
  • How this relates to Curriculum for Excellence
  • Documentation
  • Tasks to reflect on with your team to inform your next steps

It is helpful for you to have access to the Realising the Ambition document for the session. This is available on the National Improvement Hub

Quality planning is delivered by everyone in a setting working collaboratively with a shared understanding. Engaging with this bitesize may lead you to identify aspects to explore further and possibly develop.

Please discuss these with your manager and team to enable you all to reflect evaluate your current approach and co-create and agree any changes to practice.

Your link EYESO is available to support with this.

The curriculum overview documents below can help settings track the breadth of the early level experiences and outcomes within your planning. Please click on the curriculum overview document most appropriate for your setting.

Responsive and Intentional Planning

Approaches to Planning in ELC – Recording

Approaches to Planning in ELC – Slides

Curriculum Overview English Medium
Curriculum Overview – Gaelic                                  Medium
Curriculum Overview – Roman                                  Catholic
Phrases to Help with Planning
Early Level Benchmarks