Published by Care Inspectorate in September 2019 Self evaluation for improvement – your guide

This is document highlights that “On any improvement journey it is important to see how changes have led to improvements. Self-evaluation establishes a baseline – a starting point – from which you can put in place plans with clear priorities for actions that will improve outcomes for people using your service. Used effectively, continuous self-evaluation helps monitor progress and measure the impact
that your changes have made on outcomes – the differences made – for people.
The focus on outcomes means that self-evaluation is an essential tool to make a difference for the people who experience your service. It is a tool to understand what is working well, what needs to improve, and how you can you start your improvement journey”.

How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare? (HGIOELC) takes account of the continuous aspiration to make Scotland the best place to grow up, and embraces the diversity and type of provision across the country.  It helps settings to improve their quality and aim for excellence. HGIOELC is also available in Gaelic.

HGIOELC                                               HGIOELC - Gaelic

What Makes a Good Early Learning and Childcare Setting guidance is currently being updated. Once this has been done a blog post will alert you to the new document.