What Scotland Learned: Kinmylies Nursery, Highland

During the first lockdown Kinmylies Nursery provided online learning via various platforms which enabled them to deliver all aspects of the curriculum and build relationships with families.

All the EYPs and SMT worked together to ensure tht the children continued to receive quality online learning that could be interactive. “Having access to online learning via various platforms enabled Kinmylies to deliver all aspects of the curriculum. We focused on successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.”

The experience of working together with families in a virtual way also allowed the team to reflect on their appraoches in the setting and has led to changes in the team’s practice and outlook around outdoor learning when children are physically attending.

“…seeing how much the children flourished and their excitement at building dens and outdoor obstacle courses with their family encouraged staff to utilise the beautiful countryside we have around our setting. Since returning to nursery, the children have been on weekly adventures to the local woods, stopping to set up camp for an outdoor snack, foraging for things relevant to their floor books, outdoor Bookbug and the children are leading the planning with their interests of the great outdoors.”

You can read their full story at Kinmylies Nursery.

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