Online wellbeing sessions

Early Years Scotland with support from the Scottish Government are offering additional free wellbeing sessions for the early learning and childcare sector. 

 These free online wellbeing events are offered in conjunction with the Team ELC Wellbeing Hub.

These 1 hour sessions will promote the importance of caring for your mental health and wellbeing and will be delivered through Teams Live by Marie-Claire Donnelly.

A recording of the event will be uploaded to the Team ELC Hub after all sessions have been delivered. The booking links can be found below:

  1. 11 March – 6.30pm:
  2. 19 March – 9.30am:
  3. 25 March – 7.00pm:
  4. 1 April – 9.30am:
  5. 6 April – 7.00pm:
  6. 15 April – 6.30pm:
  7. 20 April – 6.30pm:
  8. 30 April – 9.30am: