Training Opportunities Next Week

Understanding Number Early: Part 2 – Tuesday the 23rd of March 4.15pm until 5pm

This session will explore how young children develop their understanding of what counting is and how it works.  It will also revisit the Counting Principles and share ideas as to how these can be observed in play as well as exploring daily opportunities to engage children in counting.  This session follows on from Understanding Number Part 1 and will take place over Google Meet.

Practical Ideas to Support ELC Transitions during COVID-19.  Wednesday the 24th of March 4pm until 5pm

The session will aim to highlight practical examples of practice to support the transition process in early years during Covid 19.  The session will:

  • Link the transition process to current advice and best practice from the national guidance ‘Realising the Ambition’
  • Give practical advice for transitions into and within ELC and share examples of early years transition processes in practice from Highland settings
  • Provide links to advice and further reading around the transition process

Before attending the session, it is recommended that you read the following professional learning materials as they will be referenced and used within the session:

Transitions in Early Years during COVID – Education Scotland

Realising the Ambition Section 8 – Transitions Matter; to me

The session will be held over Microsoft Teams.

Early Years Outdoor Play and Learning: Developing quality learning environments beyond your setting.  Thursday the 25th of March 4pm until 4.45pm

The aim of the session will focus on the development of quality outdoor play and learning spaces beyond your setting.  Highland practitioners will share examples of the journey they have undertaken to develop the quality of their learning environment outdoors.  They’ll share how they have overcome barriers to create engaging play opportunities beyond their setting which promote children’s curiosity, creativity and confidence.  This session will be held over Google Meet.

Please note that places on all courses must be booked in advance on Highland CPD.

For all professional learning opportunities signed up for via the Highland CPD site, please ensure that your CPD co-ordinator approves your request as soon as possible after you apply.  This will guarantee that your continuous professional learning record reflects the training you have attended.