Care Inspectorate new ELC practice note: Keeping children safe on trips and outings

Through their scrutiny work and notifications of incidents Care Inspectorate know that children have sometimes left a group and their responsible adult when on an outing. Presenting a serious risk to their safety and wellbeing. For early learning and childcare (ELC) staff, a strongly connected relationship and knowledge of the individual child are key, and without them, children’s safety and wellbeing are at risk.

In response the Care Inspectorate have produced a new practice note for all ELC staff. This provides a prompt for reflecting on and developing approaches to keeping children safe on trips and outings while ensuring they still have opportunities to be curious and develop their learning.

“Children benefit from enjoying positive learning and play experiences in a wide variety of settings. Trips and outings provide opportunities for children to connect with their local community, build on their learning, develop new interests, promote health and wellbeing, and grow an appreciation for nature and their environment.”

So if you are thinking of planning a trip over the Easter break or during the summer months click here and download a copy of the practice note.