Recovering Play – Let me make the choice!

Let me make the choice!

Allowing children to choose resources.

What is it?

During Covid access to resources had to be reduced, but do you still have some resources that are not accessible to the children or some opportunities you don’t provide that you used to?

Why is it important?

Children need to be free to choose where they would like to play and what resources they would like to use. This enables them to plan what they want to do and independently access resources they need. Children need to have opportunities to explore, and develop their creativity and curiosity; do your resources allow them to do this?

How to bring it back

Resources should be presented in an interesting and inviting way, open baskets, trays etc.,  which will draw the children in. Trays should be labelled with pictures and print so children can find what they want without having to pull every tray out. This also supports pre reading skills. Children should  be supported to return resources when they are finished with them or put their creation on display or take a photograph of it to be shared with home and added to their profile.

As always, all resources need to be cleaned as per your infection control procedures.

Sharing with home

On your noticeboard, newsletter or online communications, you could share with families the importance of allowing children to have choice and how you provide this. You could also share how you encourage children to return resources to where they belong when they have finished using them. 

This is one of a weekly series of posts highlighting different spaces, experiences and interactions that practitioners have told us are not all easy to get back after the pandemic restrictions.

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