New Highland Council Safety Bulletin: Socket covers and square adapters

This safety alert updates and replaces the safety alert on the use of socket covers originally issued in 2016.

Socket Covers

In certain circumstances the insertion of socket covers (such as those above), or their breakage whilst in use, can allow foreign objects to be inserted directly onto live parts within the socket, thus presenting a high risk of electric shock.
UK sockets are among the safest in the world. They have insulated shutters on the inside of the holes (other than for the neutral pin) which prevent anything but a plug being inserted. These shutters close automatically as soon as the plug is pulled out.

For additional information please watch either of these videos:
Toddlers show exactly how unsafe electrical socket covers really are
The dangers of UK Safety Socket Covers

Use of Adapters

Some block adapters do not have a fuse, which increases the risk of overloading and fire. Use a multi-way bar extension lead rather than a block adapter, as this will put less strain on the wall socket.

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