Why not go exploring with your children using ‘Discover With Dug’ an interactive resource created by e-sgoil in both Gaelic and English.

Discover With Dug – an interactive approach for our youngest learners

We know that the best online learning for young children encourages real-life play, movement, songs, stories, dance and interactions and experiences – especially outdoors. Dug’s Discovery Den has been developed in partnership with Education Scotland to offer children across the early level of early learning and childcare and primary school an interactive collection of clicks to inspire further learning and exploration beyond the screen.

Dug’s Discovery Den presents an outdoor interactive and continually evolving virtual learning space. The space reflects the young learner’s world and interests by revealing different activities and new learning discoveries as we move through the seasons of the year.

As we explore and further develop this approach we would love to hear your feedback. Below you will find pilot sites in Gaelic and in English, and a form for you to add your comments and suggestions.”