Looking for support to develop how you embed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child?

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The purpose of this document is to help practitioners engage with UNCRC articles and develop an understanding of how children’s
rights translate from policy into meaningful, everyday experiences for babies and children

This document is intended to support ELC settings to evidence and reflect on their current provision and practice through an UNCRC lens. While it is important to acknowledge the totality of all 54 articles within the UNCRC, this document shines a light on those which are particularly relevant to everyday ELC provision. The articles within this document have been organised into three themes, commonly known as the ‘3 Ps’: the rights to ProvisionProtection and Participation. This tool should be used alongside national guidance and UNCRC support materials signposted on the Early Years Rights Based Approach CLPL Padlet. These resources are intended to support settings enacting the UNCRC articles and illustrate how rights translate into meaningful everyday experiences for babies and young children.