ELC Expansion Newsletter 2

As we move towards delivering 1140 funded hours across Highland by 2020, monthly newletters will be published to inform and update ELC staff about the Early Learning and Childcare Expansion plans in Highland.

early years expansion picPlease CLICK HERE to access a copy of the Early Years Expansion Newsletter February ’19.

Bookbug App

Please CLICK HERE to access information about the Bookbug App which can be shared with parents. Bookbug

Bookbug’s Songs and Rhymes app is one way to fit songs and rhymes into a child’s day. The app can also be used to find the nearest Bookbug Session.




Allied Health Professionals (AHP)Enquiry Line Update

                         **The AHP enquiry line staff now includes Paediatric Dietitians**

               Highland Children and Young People Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Enquiry Line

Every Tuesday between 2pm and 5pm there will Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians and Speech and Language Therapists available to answer any questions you may have about a child or young person’s development.

The enquiry line is open for all young people, parents, carers and professionals in the Highland Council area to access.

Please feel free to call in to discuss aTelephoneny concerns on 07785477686






Messy and Creative Play

Messy play allows children to create, build, develop their imaginations, explore textures, use their senses and have fun!! 

messy and creative play picCLICK HERE to access 5 downloadable booklets produced by Play Scotland which are full of great ideas for messy and creative play.

     Now that the colder weather has arrived, you may also want to have a look at some ideas for Snow and Ice Play


Out to Play

‘Out to Play’ (Dec 2018) is a practical how-to-guide which helps to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to make playing and learning outdoors an everyday experience for children.out to play pic

You can access the document HERE

This guide builds on and complements a number of resources which promote outdoor learning within the education and childcare sectors, including My World Outdoors (2016) and Space to Grow  (2017) which was published as guidance for the Early Learning and Childcare 2020 expansion.




ELC Accident/Incident Form

An ELC Accident/Incident Form and guidance notes have been developed in response to several enquiries about the required content of accident/incident forms in ELC settings. These have now been approved by Care Inspectorate and Highland Council and can be used in ELC settings. However, there is no need to use them if your setting’s current form records all the required information.mr bump

CLICK HERE  to access the Accident/Incident Form       

CLICK HERE  to access the guidance