First Aid Boxes

If you have queries regarding what should be in your first aid boxes this is what was recommended by the trainers at recent training. Please note the section in pink at the bottom about what not to include. As a minimum we would suggest checking the contents of your first aid box termly to ensure items are in date and any items used are replaced. It can be helpful to add this to your Quality Assurance calendar.

Personal Care Plan – ‘Being Me’ update.

Thank you to all the settings who took part in the ‘Being Me’ pilot and for your feedback.

We are now in the process of making some amendments to the document using this information. The updated document and guidance will be released along with a bitesize session, to support settings in using it, before the end of term.

So please watch this space.

Quick reminder following last weeks email: Good practice guidance: prevention and management of choking episodes in babies and children.

Click on the link to access the Care Inspectorate document which contains the following information plus more including web links for further information.

Ways to prepare food so that it’s safe
• Remove any stones or pips before serving.
• Quarter (length ways) small fruit and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, grapes and blackberries.
• Cut large fruits into slices rather than chunks.
• Think twice before offering very young children hard, slippery or sticky foods. If serving, these should be cut into small pieces.
• Peel the skin off fruit, vegetables and sausages (although remember that sausages can be high in salt).
• Cook hard or stringy vegetables such as green beans and carrots until they are quite soft for use as finger foods, rather than offering them raw.
• Remove bones from meat or fish.
Watch out for small round food items

Children under four years old can choke on these things – avoid them.
• peanuts
• boiled sweets
• hot dogs
• chocolate eggs with small toys inside
• raw carrots
• popcorn
• nuts (whole peanuts should be avoided until the age of 5)
• sweet items such as mini eggs
• raw jelly cubes, they can get stuck in the throat.